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Sustainability Consultants

Advising and supporting clients to make positive sustainable choices

Scott White and Hookins take pride in offering a comprehensive consultancy service. We provide a number of associated sustainability services and reports to complement our BREEAM and environmental assessment services.

Our services are tailored to suit specific project and client requirements, including domestic and non-domestic schemes, for existing buildings, new build and refurbishments.

Small girl with dirty hands outdoors in garden sustainable lifestyle

Sustainability Statements

We review local planning policy, identify key requirements and engage with the team to report on project-specific sustainability opportunities.

We outline in detail a project’s commitment to the standards it wishes to reach or meet, and the methods to be used to achieve a desired rating or outcome.

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Sustainability Strategies

We identify goals and targets for a project, then formulate a holistic framework, combining a number of strategies and approaches to improve its sustainability and carbon footprint. 

Our aim is always to use effective strategies that meet client and project aspirations.

SWH can provide a holistic framework, develop initiatives and set targets to help a wide range of projects and developments reduce its carbon footprint.
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Carbon Accounting

We help clients to identify and quantify their Scope 1 (Direct), Scope 2 (Indirect) and Scope 3 (Supply chain) emissions, often referred to as their 'carbon footprint'. 

We provide flexible output options for clients, to inform their own environmental management, processes or sustainability values.

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Carbon Reduction Plans

Once scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions (see above) have been determined, we collate findings to help our clients establish goals and develop initiatives and targets to reduce their carbon footprint, putting together a comprehensive carbon reduction plan.

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