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Our Commitments

Environmental, Social and Governance

At Scott White and Hookins, we aim to offer a professional service, underpinned by the guidance and policies we have developed, and that are adhered to, throughout the day-to-day running of the business.

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Sustainable solutions

Whilst supporting our clients and partners with attaining sustainable design, construction and engineering solutions, at SWH, we also take our own green credentials seriously. We comply with ISO 14001, have our own carbon reduction plan, and we are continually looking to refine and improve by:

  • Being more energy efficient across our three offices by reducing power consumption.
  • Lowering our carbon footprint, especially by reducing car journeys and encouraging the use of cycling, walking and taking public transport for commuting.
  • Reducing waste, by working digitally and decreasing unnecessary plastic and paper use, as well as recycling.

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We comply with ISO 14001 and we are continually looking to refine and improve.

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State of the art technology and communications

We use the most secure and up-to-date computer technology to protect your data, communicate efficiently and design innovatively and safely. Our range of systems allow us to:

  • Communicate with our clients and amongst our large team. We are happy to offer both video meetings, as well as on-site or in-office meetings.
  • Keep data and information secure and working effective and we have a secure disaster recovery system.
  • Model, draught and design using the latest versions CAD and BIM software, as well as up-to-date technical design, analysis and design code checking software (for both British Standards and Eurocode).

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We use the most secure and up-to-date computer technology to protect your data.

Little Furze Site Visit edited
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Quality assured

In 1991, SWH became one of the first engineering consultancies to become a ‘registered firm of assessed capability’ with BSI (British Standards Institute). Since then, we have continually tested and improved our Quality Systems and are currently registered to the ISO 9001.

Our system:

  • Defines and assigns responsibilities for activities which have an impact on our Quality Management System.
  • Provides policies and procedures are documented and implemented throughout the practice.
  • is tailored to the specific requirements of each project through a Project Management Plan process.

The system is audited regularly both by Lloyd’s Register and our own Internal Quality Auditors with feedback from these audits and information from periodic management reviews fed through to the management team, therefore determining the effectiveness of the system and improvements made to ensure continued suitability for our requirements.

Did you know?

We were one of the first engineering consultancies to be a ‘registered firm of assessed capability’ with BSI.

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Utmost client care

With over 70% repeat business, many clients have entrusted us with all of their projects over many years. This is testament to our technical skill, the quality of our advice and the value that we add through innovation and creative thinking. It is also proof of the strong working relationships that we foster with clients. We have achieved this for many years through:

  • Encouraging feedback from our partners and clients to help us identify our strengths and weaknesses to help future projects and foster long-term relationships.
  • Judging our performance against industry standard key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyse this to share best practice, across our teams.
  • Being an open and honest team who communicate regularly with our clients and, in the unlikely event of things going wrong, having a clear written complaint procedure to ensure an unbiased response, managed by two separate board directors.

We believe that high client satisfaction levels are vital to our continued success.

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We believe that high client satisfaction is vital to our continued success.

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Diverse employment and continued training

We are really proud of the people we employ at Scott White and Hookins and the development we continue to endeavour to see in them from the moment they work with us. Find out about our career structure and vacancies here.

From work experience students and undergraduates on placement, through to new graduates starting on their charterships journey and the many staff members who have remained with us for over 20 years and counting, it is testament to how much we recognise every individual add to this consultancy. We demonstrate our commitment to our staff by:

  • Investing in training that reflects changing needs and has future growth of the individual in mind.
  • Encouraging an environment where staff work together in a proactive way, mixing teams as well as junior and senior members.
  • Regularly reviewing staff performance, giving everyone the chance to share their experiences, opinions and ask for support they feel they want or need.
  • Putting in place structured training agreements, where appropriate, such as the ICE, IStructE, RICS and others.
  • Involving our people in performance objective setting, CPD opportunities and company-wide developments and decisions.

Did you know?

We offer a flexible, friendly, stimulating and rewarding environment, for all our staff.

Open, honest and happy to share
If you have any questions regarding our policies or governance, get in touch…

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