Scott White and Hookins provide our complete range of consultancy services to the residential sector. We tailor our service to suit our client’s requirements, which can vary from one-off individual architect designed houses to multi-storey residential apartment buildings.

Residential Property

We are ever mindful that every house, flat or apartment is in fact a home for those who live within the building and attention to detail makes all the difference to client, home owner and occupier.

The residential sector is the industry leader in embracing modern methods of construction as the construction industry tries to find ways to provide well designed, high quality housing that pays close attention to detail while mindful of value for money.

‘Modern methods of construction’ is the term used to encompass a range of technologies and processes involving various forms of specification, prefabrication and off-site assembly. Modern methods of construction means:

  • Making use of effective materials
  • Speed of housing delivery
  • Enabling high standard of design quality
  • Reducing resource consumption

We are committed to construction efficiency and modern methods of construction is regarded as a means of improving quality, reducing time spent on site, improving on-site safety and overcoming skills shortages in the construction of housing.