Public Buildings and Places of Worship

Good design has a role to play in transforming public services given the scale of investment in public buildings in this country.

In line with current UK Governments strategies we are able to offer on all public sector projects:

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) to level 2.
  • Designs of structures using Eurocodes

Working in the public sector involves dealing with multiple stakeholders - government bodies, funders, developers and tenants - and Scott White and Hookins have extensive experience of working closely with this mix of parties to achieve successful results.

Public Building projects typically involve refurbishment or the redevelopment of buildings or estates suffering from past under-investment.

Each building naturally has its own unique characteristics and needs. We understand this, and work closely with other design team members and stakeholders to develop and deliver solutions that maximise the impact of capital expenditure.

We are fully committed to providing high-quality design in all new public buildings. Good design in the public sector enhances the environment and the community, revitalises cities and neighbourhoods, results in buildings that work well and retain a human dimension, and makes the delivery of services easier and more efficient. Design also reflects the ambitions and spirit of the people behind it.

We believe good design is achievable and affordable and is worth investing in. It is the key to maximum value for money during the whole life of a building.

We are involved with a number of Public Buildings covering a wide range of different functions and services, such as civic buildings, libraries, jobcentres, community centres, law courts, prisons, police, fire and ambulance stations, visitor centres and more besides.