Mixed Use

The availability and necessity to build within our overcrowded towns and cities in recent years has given rise to increased interest in mixed-use developments.

Undercroft car parking, Highams Park
Undercroft car parking, Highams Park

Planning policy guidelines, government pressure and market forces are helping to unlock the true potential and value of often difficult sites through the introduction of the right mix and blend of uses.

Working closely with other members of the design team we can provide innovative design solutions ultimately creating more sustainable environments and communities for the future.

Mixed-use presents many technical challenges: for example, the position of the load bearing structure has to change from level to level, going from the rigid structure of an underground car park to column-free retail spaces, leading to residential spaces on the upper floors.

Fire Engineering and Disabled Access are key elements in creating vibrant, attractive open spaces.

We have considerable experience dealing with Mixed Use projects integrating commercial, retail, leisure and residential.