Privacy Policy

Scott White and Hookins LLP (“we”/”us”) are committed to protecting and respecting any personal information you share with us. This policy describes what types of information we collect from you, how it is used by us, how we share it with others, how you can manage the information we hold and how you can contact us.

1. How we collect information

Business enquiries
Where a client contacts us directly via any source of communication, we will gather the minimum amount of business data in order to fulfil the quote request and contract; this would include the client’s business name, address and the contact details (business telephone number and email address).

Business Cards
We will promote our business interests through the appropriate business channels (including but not limited to business meetings, networking events and exhibitions). We will gather relevant business contact data to promote our services accordingly and follow all business leads obtained during these opportunities.

Website Enquiries & Forms
When a client or prospect client completes and submits an online form, they are asked if they would like to opt-in to future communications. By using the website, we will gather a variety of data to help optimise the client experience. For more information please see our cookies policy.

Social Media Contacts
We will source clients and prospect clients via social media channels.

2. Who else gets to see your data

We won’t ever sell your data or provide access to it to any third parties for marketing purposes. We will share your data in the following ways:

With our subcontractors
Like many businesses we don’t do everything ourselves. When we have someone else help us handle an aspect of our business, we may pass them some of your data so that they can do their work. We will only ever give them the minimum information that they need and it will always remain under our control. This means that they can only do with your data what we tell them to and can’t keep it once they no longer need it or pass it on to anyone else.

If legally required
In some circumstances we may be legally required to pass on your data for example to a government body. We will only do this in order to comply with the law and to protect your vital interests.

If you make a complaint
If you make a complaint or if we think it’s necessary for any other reason, we may, depending on the issue pass your data on to our insurers. We will only pass them the data that they need; we have a clear agreement with them that they will only use the data to assess any claim that we may make in connection with the issue.

3. How we look after your data

We take the security of your data very seriously. We continue to make significant investments in IT systems to make sure it stays safe. We have strict contracts with anyone we share it with to ensure that do the same. It will always be stored and processed inside the EEA, where the General Data Protection Regulation gives you strong legal protection for your data privacy rights. We will always obey both the letter and the spirit of the data protection laws that apply to us.

We keep clear records of what data we have and what we do with it, and make sure that we always consider what impact our processing will have on you. We also continually assess the risks to you from possible data breaches and do everything we can to prevent them.

We recognise that business/client contacts will change over time and that certain individuals will move from one company to another; whilst certain individuals will change roles within their company or leave the industry altogether.  We will take reasonable measures to ensure that communications and business to business communications data is kept as up-to-date as possible

4. How long do we keep your information for?

We will not hold your personal data for any longer than is necessary. Exceptions to this are where:

  • Your details are contained or embedded within project related documentation that has been kept for record purposes/archived;
  • The Law or our Professional Indemnity Insurance requires us to hold your information for a longer period, or delete it sooner;
  • You have raised a legal claim, complaint or concern regarding a service offered by us; or
  • You exercise your right to have the information erased (where it applies) and we do not need to hold it in connection with any of the reasons permitted or required under the law (see your rights);

5. Your rights

You have the right to see a copy of all the data we hold about you.

You have the right to ask us to delete what we have or stop processing it. However, we may not be able to do so immediately if the data is required for us to fulfil an obligation to you e.g. invoice you for a project, if we are legally required to keep it; or if we believe we need to keep it for contractual or insurance purposes. 

You have the right to ask us to correct your data – and if what we hold about you is wrong, we’d really appreciate it if you told us – but we will in some circumstances need to check that what you’re telling us is accurate, and may require proof, in order to protect you – and us – from fraud.

To exercise any of these rights, please contact us.

You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office – the government agency that handles data protection in the UK. You can reach them at their website: