Ray Scott-White Gone but not Forgotten...

It is with great sadness that we announce that Ray Scott-White, one of our founding Partners, passed away on Thursday, 3rd October 2019 at 9pm in Australia. We have much to thank Ray for as we reflect on his time at Scott-White and Hookins.

Ray Scott-White in 1988
Ray Scott-White in 1988

As a young engineer, Ray worked closely with Barrie Hookins for several years at Travers Morgan & Partners, where they formed a strong friendship.

Approaching Barrie in 1962, Ray made the suggestion that the two of them consider starting a firm based on their friendship. The pair had a meeting in early 1963, along with their wives, and agreed they could afford to give it a go.

Ray once recounted that “we decided that we would enter into partnership as Chartered Engineers, without any idea where the work was to come from, and gave ourselves a year to succeed”.

And so it was that on the 1st July 1963, Ray and Barrie, along with their wives providing unpaid secretarial and bookkeeping support, formed Scott-White and Hookins; initially working out of a small office in Mitcham, Surrey. In 1978 both Ray and Barrie oversaw the relocation of the practice to Carshalton. Over the next few years they saw the practice grow and become well established. They brought in new partners and opened offices in Bedford and Winchester; both still trading strongly today.

From the outset, Ray and Barrie’s aim was to achieve the highest professional standards by attention to quality and reliability of all work. Everything they achieved was underpinned by their friendship and determination to succeed. Ray retired in 1995, leaving the practice in the safe hands of Barrie and the other partners. He later emigrated to Australia where he lived out his retirement years.

In 2013, on the 50 year anniversary of Scott-White and Hookins, Ray said “Barrie and I could not have dreamt of this day when we started on the 1st July 1963. Our only thought then was to see if we could last one year but with a lot of luck and help from some friends we did and SWH was born. It is with much satisfaction that I can look back at so many wonderful young men and women who have made it last and long may it continue.”

We owe a debt of gratitude to Ray for building up the company and embedding into it his professional, but friendly, attitude which still lives on today.

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