Spotlight - Pre-Planning 2013

At Scott White and Hookins we are proud of the service we provide to our Clients.

A key area of our involvement on many projects is at the Pre-Planning stage, where we work with our Clients and Design teams to develop schemes for submission for Planning.

Within Scott White and Hookins we have dedicated teams capable of undertaking many aspects of the Pre-Planning process including:

  • Traffic and Transport
  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Sustainable Drainage Advice
  • BREEAM Pre-Assessments
  • Water management Statements
  • Coordination of Site Investigations including
    • Ground Investigations
    • Contamination surveys
    • Topographical Surveys
    • Below Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys for obstructions and services
  • Civil and Structural feasibility designs

Each project is overseen by a specific Partner who will ensure that all the aspects of Scott White and Hookins service are coordinated and delivered in a timely manner.

To provide further information we have outlined in more detail the specific elements of a number of the services highlighted above, and the relevant people within the Practice who have responsibility for delivering these.

Traffic and Transport Icon Traffic and Transport

Simon GarnerFrom initial conception our Traffic and Transport Group (TTG) combine transport planners, traffic engineers and highways designers who work together to provide specialist skills and flexible service to meet our client needs in one team, and ensures that transport issues are dealt with in a coordinated manner.

Transport Feasibility Studies

We will evaluate potential development sites to identify transport problems and opportunities which might affect development options. These may include diverse factors such transport policies, accessibility, bus/rail networks, road safety, transport infrastructure, local road layouts, adjacent land uses and traffic flows. We will assess the feasibility of different options and identify what transport improvements or mitigation measures would be needed and what the implications would be.

Transport Assessments

These can be on any scale for a variety of land use schemes. Some of our team have previous experience working at local authority highway departments and we use this to help build trusting relationships with highway and planning officers to agree the scope of the Assessment reports before we begin. We will undertake all of the necessary surveys and submit a thorough Assessment to support the planning application.

Travel Plans

We work with clients to produce a range of different types of Travel Plan including Outline, Framework, Site-specific, Full, Organisational and Area Plans as necessary. We can carry out all of the necessary stages including travel surveys, site audits, policy reviews and Action Plans. We work closely with clients to develop appropriate Objectives, Targets and Measures and help them devise effective plan management, implementation, monitoring and review procedures. Some clients require more assistance and advice then others and we are happy to provide whatever level is necessary. We often represent the client in discussions with the local authority to make sure they give it the necessary approval.

Planning Applications

We can undertake detailed design of engineering and construction drawings to include in planning applications such as road and parking layouts, drainage, street lighting, sign & line plans. We produce Masterplans, Design and Access Statements, Planning Statements, Construction Traffic Management Plans and Traffic Regulation Order submissions. We also represent clients in negotiating and submitting Section 106 and 278 Agreements and Stopping-Up applications and in planning appeals and inquiries.

Simon Garner

Flood Risk Assessment Icon Flood Risk Assessments (FRA’s)

Jason DanielsWe undertake FRA’s for a range of developments, from individual dwellings to large-scale commercial schemes.

Our engineers are fully conversant with current legislation and the latest research in flood management techniques and offer the following solutions:

  • Preparation of flood risk assessments
  • Drainage assessments
  • Modelling flood risk
  • Design of flood alleviation schemes
  • Design of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

FRA’s are now required for many Planning Applications in England, ensuring compliance with National Planning Policy Framework. Therefore it is imperative that developments satisfy the recommendations of the Environment Agency (EA) requiring adequate mitigation measures to ensure that a development is sustainable and safe in terms of flood risk.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS)

This has a key role to play in flood management for new (and existing) developments.

Scott White & Hookins are fully conversant with all forms of SuDS design and these techniques are assessed and incorporated in our FRA’s to inform the drainage design.

These can be combined with a full site drainage assessment to look at capacities on the site, and a Water Management report to demonstrate the whole cycle of water on the site including surface water, foul water and clean water, and how this provides social, economic and environmental benefits.

Jason Daniels

Paul BosherBREEAM Icon BREEAM Pre-Assessments

The need for developments to achieve set BREEAM ratings is now common place within planning conditions in many areas of the UK. It is also often a requirement of many funding bodies and Clients as a way of ensuring and demonstrating a sustainable development to users or potential tenants.

Whatever the driver behind an assessment on a project, early consideration of BREEAM is key to helping the design details to be developed in line with potential BREEAM credits and avoiding “early action” credits from being missed. Completing an early initial pre-assessment of a project is a means of reviewing available credits and benchmarking which are viable towards its overall BREEAM rating goals. We have an experienced team of licensed BREEAM Assessors able to undertake pre-assessments in an efficient and cost effect way.

We produce associated pre-assessment reports that provide guidance for Clients on the Assessment process and the viable sustainability solutions that have been highlight through the pre-assessment process. These reports are also specifically prepared in a format that is ready for submission within the schemes planning applications or for issue within sign off reports / tender documentation.

Paul Bosher

If you would like to discuss any or all of our Pre-Planning services, either contact the specific person highlighted above, or myself and we will be able to assist you in progressing your project to a successful submission.

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