Work Experience Student

Bridge CGIThis week our Bedford Office was delighted to provide work experience to student Josh Walton-Smith.

Josh is currently studying for his GCSE’s at Sandy Upper School and is passionate about design.

During the week, Josh gained experience working in a professional engineering office, visiting site and using software programs including AutoCAD and QSE.

Josh found the whole experience “Interesting” and gained an insight how structural and civil engineers design and use different materials.

The week ended with Josh designing a bridge across two tables to support as much paper as possible before collapse. Josh’s first attempt collapsed after two reams of paper (5kgs).

After discussing how and why his bridge collapsed with Doug Alcock (Partner) and Tom Stewart (Associate) Josh tweaked his design. The new bridge proved to be much more stronger and collapsed after an impressive 18.143kgs was loaded.

Josh was extremely delighted with his bridge design and thoroughly enjoyed his week with us. Who knows, in a few years time Josh maybe working for us as a trainee engineer.

Josh Walton-Smith with Doug AlcockJosh Walton-Smith's Failed BridgeJosh Walton-Smith's Succesful Bridge

For more pictures on Josh’s bridge please visit our facebook page

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