Cambridge Science Park - 40 Years Engineering

This year is the 40th Anniversary of the opening of the Cambridge Science Park – the first science park in the UK.

40th Anniversary of the opening of the Cambridge Science Park
40th Anniversary of the opening of the Cambridge Science Park

The project was the inspiration of Sir John Bradfield (Senior Bursar at Trinity College Cambridge).

Scott White & Hookins, The Charter Partnership (now Archial) and Neave Tinworth & Nunan, were fortunate enough to be appointed as the design team from the outset.

Trinity College was founded by Henry VIII in 1546 and its assets included a piece of land which was to become, centuries later, the site of the Science Park. The land was originally used for farming but during the Second World War was requisitioned by the US Army for preparing vehicles and tanks for D-Day and after the war the land was left derelict until Sir John Bradfield’s ‘big idea’.

Scott White & Hookins set the Civil and Structural development strategies for the Park back in the early days. These involved traffic studies and negotiations with the Local Authorities to establish the principles for the road layouts, drainage and all utility connections. Strategies were also established for the structural engineering of the buildings and we have continued to be involved in the design and construction of the majority of individual buildings on the Park. The principles established then still apply today, after 40 years, but of course broadband has been introduced since the original inception!

Commenting on his involvement, Peter Blackmore, Former Chairman of Scott White and Hookins…“From my own perspective, I have always considered it a great honour and privilege to have been involved in the development of the Cambridge Science Park from its inception back in 1969. It has been, without a doubt, the centrepiece of my career. I look back with great fondness to what has been achieved over the years and to the many delightful people I have worked with on this ambitious project”.

We wish everybody involved in Cambridge Science Park continued success.

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