Martin Tod visits Winchester Office

We were delighted to receive Martin Tod (Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Winchester) at our Winchester Office along with a number of Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) members.

Martin Tod visits Winchester Office
Martin Tod visits Winchester Office

The purpose of the visit was for members of the ACE to outline the views and concerns about the Consultancy and Engineering Industry on both local and national level. The conversation covered a wide area but focussed on the need for government to be an example of a good employer, a need for consistent and constant approach to funding, the understanding of the effect on changes of planning policy and the high regard UK consultants are held overseas.

Martin worked in the private sector for Proctor and Gamble, Vodaphone and then started his own business before becoming a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.

ACE represents a vibrant, exciting and cutting edge part of UK industry. More than 800 businesses are in membership of ACE including Scott White and Hookins. Consulting Engineers generate significant earnings for the UK economy, in 2008 more than £10 Billion was paid as Fee Income.

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L-R Peter Blewett (Upton McGougan), Gordon Lockhart (ScottWhite and Hookins), Martin Tod (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate) and Crispin Williams (ACE).

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