Leicester University Applications

Scott White and Hookins has assisted the University of Leicester secure planning permission for a scheme to redevelop the main access to their city centre campus.

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The scheme is part of the University Development plan; a £1 billion investment to underpin and affirm its position as a top tier UK university. We firstly carried out a detailed engineering evaluation of potential schemes to identify a layout capable of improving traffic flows through the access. Following on we then undertook a comprehensive Transport Assessment which analysed the potential impact on road safety and congestion on the local highway network.

The City Council approved the application, noting that the proposal would improve safe access for pedestrians and cyclists and would help to reduce parking and congestion problems. Initial discussions with the Council had identified potential traffic hazards we were required to assess in detail before they could determine the application. We liaised with the Council, the police and adjacent site occupiers to devise a scheme which addressed all of the concerns.

Civil Engineering Traffic and Transport